Europa-parkEuropa Park is Europe’s biggest theme park, and the second-most popular theme park in Europe behind Disneyland Paris. It’s located in a town called Rust, Germany, about 35km from Freiburg.
The park has 48 rides, including nine roller coasters and four water rides. It’s organised into twelve ‘countries’, each one with a different theme according to the European country it represents. For example, in ‘Germany’ visitors can see an original piece of the Berlin wall, visit the ‘Ancient German Fair’, and see typical German architecture.
Below, you can find an interview with Ms. Caroline Becker, head of public relations at Europa-Park.

How many years did it take to built one of the biggest theme parks in the world?
Europa-Park has opened its doors in 1975 and since then it has been expanded continuously. Today, Europa-Park is Germany’s biggest theme park and with almost 4 million visitors it is the largest seasonal theme park in the world.

What kind of entertainment do you offer? What amusement rides are most popular among the visitors?
More than 100 attractions and shows are offered to the visitors in 12 European themed areas that are spread on an area of over 70 hectares. No matter if the visitors are looking for thrill rides, unforgettable show programmes, children’s attractions or more leisurely rides – Europa-Park offers plenty of activities for all age groups. It is difficult to say, which of our rides are the most popular ones, but one of the most popular ones is surely Europe’s biggest and highest roller coaster “Silver Star”. In summer our water coasters “Atlantica SuperSplash” and “Poseidon” are in high demand, while the YoungSTAR Coaster “Pegasus”, a roller coaster which is suitable for children from 4 years of age, is very popular among our youngest visitors.

Your park is very famous in Europe. What is the secret of your popularity?
Europa-Park stands for the highest standards in entertainment. It’s theming is unique and the visitors can travel through 12 European themed areas and experience architecture, culture, vegetation and food of our European neighbours. The attractions and shows are integrated into the themed areas, which are all designed with much love of detail. The combination of fun and entertainment with culture is outstanding. For us it is extremely important that we offer the best possible quality to our guests, because they only deserve the best. This can also be seen in our hotel resort with its four beautifully themed 4-star hotels. Two Spanish-style hotels, one Italian hotel and – since 1 July – also a Portuguese hotel offer a beautiful ambience and high standards for those guests who want to spend more than one day here.

How often is the amusement equipment in your park checked? Are there any standards of safety for such equipment in Germany?
Please see the press release regarding safety at Europa-Park for this question. Unfortunately we can not give you any information about safety regulations in other German parks.

How many people work in your park? What professions are most demanded?
More than 3,000 persons work at Europa-Park throughout the season. Of course, we need a lot of persons in our F&B sector, but also operators for the attractions and hotel professionals.

Who are your regular visitors? What is the average cost of a ticket for an amusement ride?
Europa-Park is designed to satisfy the demands of the whole family, so persons of all age groups visit the park. At Europa-Park the visitors don’t have to pay for the individual rides. When they enter the park they buy an admission ticket, which enables them to use all of the rides and visit all of our shows. The prices in 2007 are 30,- ? for adults and 26,50 ? for children (4 – 11 years).

What special events and promotions do you have?
Throughout the year, we offer all kinds of special events, such as for example European themed festivals, a “Beach-Party”, sports events, “Science Days”, a summer party during which the park is open until midnight, and many more. In addition, the park changes its appearance completely during the “spooky Halloween Weeks” in autumn and the winter season transforms the park into a beautiful winterwonderland with winterly attractions and a festive ambience.

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