Inflatable castles


Inflatable castles are also known as inflatable bouncers, inflatable jumpers, moonwalk, bouncy castles. These attractions have many advantages and appeared to be a good entertainment. Many types of inflatable structures are used not only in amusement business but also as effective promotional solutions.
Below, you can read the interview with Mr. Kevin Wieging from UltraSound Special Events Inc.

How old is your company and how are inflatables used in your business?
UltraSound Special Events Inc. was established in 1990.  Over the past 18 yrs. we have provided inflatable attracts for events of varying sizes including private birthday parties, fair or festival events, and Corporate events booked with clients throughout the United States.  The inflatables are used to create an interactive and fun experience for the patrons that participate on each unit and different theme and design of the units can satisfy both children and young adults.

What are major advantages of inflatable structures in comparison with other amusement equipment?
Inflatable amusement structures generally fold and are packed away easily.  Even bigger units are easily managed as most may be 2 or 3 piece inflatable units that are assembled into one obstacle course or slide unit.  The storage space can be easily managed and many units can be transported within a medium size truck to an event location.

What problems an operator or an owner of inflatables usually faces?
There have been past insurance issues in obtaining liability coverage on these type of events in the United States, however, the insurance markets are becoming more available at a reasonable rate and are now providing coverage to inflatable companies.

What issues should be paid special attention to regarding safety standards?
New government regulations are continuing to evolve and are essentially a good thing for for the inflatable industry.  However, if these regulations present an unnecessary burden on the operators, they become a problem.  It is important that the industry assist government agencies and policy makers to reflect what is and should be the “best practices” for an industry.  This includes input from operators, manufacturers, and knowledgeable insurance professionals.  Establishing standards for the industry takes experience.

What industry organizations would be helpful for those involved into inflatable constructions business?

Organizations that assist members of the inflatable industry include IALEI (International Association of Leisure & Entertainment Industry), IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions, OABA (Outdoor Amusement Business Association), and IIPG (Inflatable Industry Purchasing Group).  Getting involved in one or a number of groups provides industry knowledge and resources that are compiled by an industry association.

Did you have any funny or interesting stories connected with inflatable structures in your business?

I would like to emphasize the importance of safety within the industry.  As new standards are developed through ASTM for the manufacturing, design, and operation of the inflatable attractions, everyone should be in compliance.  Safety will ensure the successful future of the industry.  The basics include correct set up and operation of the inflatable units, securely anchoring the units to the ground to prevent accidental overturn of the units due to unexpected high wind, and/or overcrowding the capacity of the unit.  Similar size kids should be grouped together and in appropriate numbers.

What does a perfect inflatable structure mean for you? What is more important: design or quality? Please, give few tips for those who are about to by inflatable structures of games.
The perfect mix of design and quality at an affordable price is the perfect inflatable structure.  Slides, Obstacle Courses, Bungee Runs, and Bounce Houses are all common inflatable amusement attractions.  The larger designs and theme details of a unit make it attractive to the individual patrons or clients interested in renting these units.  Cheaply manufactured units will NOT withstand the repeated use and wear and tear associated with the repeated rental of these units.  It is important to weigh the value of the unit to your prospective clients, the overall quality and price associated with the item.  You want the attraction to be durable and last so that a profitable return on investment can be realized.

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