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Kiddie ridesKiddie rides are probably most innocent type of amusement equipment. It is impossible to imagine parents who consider these rides to be dangerous for their children. Fore many years kiddie rides are bringing additional incomes to the operators. This equipment is now widely used not only in family entertainment centers but also in supermarket, stores, restaurants, cafes, bank etc.
Below, you can find interview with Mr. Ulli K?nnecke, Director Sales & Marketing, Kids’ Entertainment Products

What are the main stages of kiddy rides manufacture? What is the typical kiddy ride made of? What are its main parts?

a) First stage is the product idea, than a technical product design,
as the base for a 1: 1 model.
From that model, the tooling will be made for fiberglass production.
b) The main materials are metal and fiberglass.
c) Main components are a metal frame, motor and gear box to create the movement, an electronic control box, for lights, sounds ,time controlling and credit and coin, adjustments, last but not least-a very well designed, gel-coated, fiberglass body.

Who are your customers? Do they help you to improve your products?

a) In the international markets, we are mostly working with local distributors and secondly we are working with operators.
b) We certainly appreciate field experience and during the years we improved  products, by proposals and ideas from our customers.

Is it important for a manufacturer to know the safety standards of amusement equipment? Are these aspects taken into account during design process?

That is one of the most important issues. We are working with our products for a young target group of children. Therefore it is most important, to take care of the safety standards. Our Rides are German laboratory T?V/GS approved and certified. Beside that we are working with only the best materials and components, to give our product a long life span. All this is certainly influencing the design process.

What do you consider to be a good kiddy ride? What additional features (music, sound and light effects, educational video games) do you include into your kiddy rides?

From my point of view, a good Kiddie Ride needs an attractive design, that is the base of a good children frequency and therefore for a good high income. Secondly interactive features, to keep the Kids well entertained during a relatively short period of fun. That could be also Video Games, interactively controlled by the children, using gas pedal, break pedal and steering wheel. Our children simulators series are most successful and unique in the industry. Also our educational children’s touch screen computers “Happy Kids” have highly interactive features. With all those different products we get access to a wide target group of children, but also to a wide group a various locations beneficial for our customers.

What are the advantages of having Disney’s license? Is it worth paying extra price for the licensed kiddie ride?

The Disney characters are the most known and recognized characters in the world.
Not only children, also parents love those characters. Most of the parents are fascinated, because Donald Duck  and Mickey Mouse are now more than 60 years old, and they know them from their childhood very well. For our customers we see a lot of positive effects.
First, the incomes are 30-40% higher than “generic Kiddie Rides», based on the above mentioned reasons. Disney Kiddie Rides are for our customers a fantastic door opener for new and good locations. In nearly every department Store or within Shopping Malls you will find Disney merchandising products and Mall Managers are aware about the fascination of this brand. Last but not least, we are following permanently the Disney Movie program, with related products, like “lightning mc. queen” from the movie” cars», or the “black pearl pirate boat” from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” and the newest “Little Einstein Rocket”, from the famous tv-series.
That puts our customer into the position to bring the “hottest rides” to their locations.
From all this points: ” a higher price is shortly paid back”.

You have a very nice ready solution named “Disney kiosk Indoor/Outdoor”. Is it popular and what is the main idea of this product?

The main  idea for our kiosk systems for Disney Kiddie Rides and also the Spaceland Kiosk for our children’s simulators, was to create an attractive packaging.
It has also a great Stop Function during a shopping process.
Beside that there is the benefit of “one point of sales and entertainment” and also “one point of service and cash collections” for our operator customer.
The cash incomes again are higher, because the Kids wants to use more than one Ride. Combined with money changing machine on the Kiosk it gives additional service to the customer and more benefit to the operator.

What would you recommend to pay attention to when purchasing a kiddy ride? What additional equipment or information about kiddies rides do you offer your customers?

My recommendation is for everyone:
Check carefully quality and safety aspects.
That makes your life much easier and you will have much more benefits in a long term.
The rides are looking far better and still attractive for the Kids, what generates averagely higher incomes.
If you are only looking for a cheap price(and some are really low) you will get shortly the experience, that the Ride is during operation more costly because of defects and you are not “saving money-you are burning money”.
Some of our customers tried it, but they are all back.
That is the best proof of my arguments.

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