Manufacture of amusement equipment

craneManufacture of amusement equipment has its own rules and secrets. To be competitive on the market manufacturer should always be in touch with new trends, technologies and customers demands. Crane machines, air hockey, stength testers, table football. How is this equipment made. Below, you can find an interview with Carlos (Recreativos Presas)

What are the main stages of amusement equipment manufacture? How is it made? Is it a long term process and is inspiration important here? Who is generating ideas at Recreativos PRESAS?
First of all the idea, the conception of the machine, a global idea. Then we go to the graphic design step to have the idea reflected so we can see how it looks. We make the prototype as a first approximation to start working on it. With the base of the prototype we introduce all the improvements it needs and develop the machine. Trials and working tests, we make it work to see how it goes. Then, once all the first steps are taken, we introduce de definitive improvements and we put the product into the definitive test. Marketing and ready to be in the market

Who are your customers? Do they help you to improve your products?

Distributors, operators, professionals or even particular people who wants having entertainment machines at their own home.
Sure, no doubt about it, they help too much, because in this business is as important our vision of the product as the client that exploits it, who is the one that sees it working in front of the very last customer. It’s for al of this that we appreciate very much demands and ideas that our clients make us arrive, specially because amusement is a very strong business and the general public see a lot of machine sin the market, and in this point is the proper operator who must realize he has to be in a constant movement and improvement, innovation, etc, just not to remain stagnant in the same place and avoiding the public to get bored with the same machines from time and time ago. I think that they must renew their offers constantly for all of this with the very last novelties the manufacturers launch every season, so they can make their incomings grow. General clients like novelties, I’m sure of that.

Is it important for a manufacturer to know the safety standards of amusement equipment? Are these aspects taken into account during design process?
It?s not just important, it?s basic, fundamental, we couldn?t offer a machine that doesn?t expire with them, not only legally even professionally. Our products pass through all the possible and existing quality tests with the highest qualification or they don?t go out to the street, to the market, and this is one of the most important points in the process.
For all of this obviously this aspect walks side by side with the design process, it?s not always the most attractive design the one we can use if we consider these security standards, but our team makes all the possible to adapt it and the results are always even more satisfactory.
Anyway, as we are in this amusement world for a long time, 25 years now !! with a  very successful path, design ideas, in spite of having a great and hard work behind, bear all these aspects in mind almost unconsciously, what makes no important differences between the very first idea and the final product, only the possible improvements we design along the way of the process.

What do you consider to be a good crane machine? What is important to win the prize? Can an operator manipulate the win rate?

First of all, and very important, it has to be very attractive as it is the same as a shop window and the product to be afered from the crane must be specially placed and be very attractive.
To win the price the most important thing is the experience with this kind of machines, the skill. As you can see normally the difference between one and another user is considerable and gets reflected in the different products they can get.

Sure, an operator can manipulate the win rate, as he is who must fit and adjust the machine according to the product that?s selling, and sure it?s very important the size, shape and weight of the products being sold, but taking care of one thing, the user must be able to get it !!

What is you favorite kind of amusement equipment?

Personally I must say that my favorite ones are Soccer Table, darts and Air Hockey, I enjoy them really a lot. Don?t forget that our football table is the official one for the national Championship, and as a social factor of reunion in the places it?s placed has given us to many of us many many hours of meetings with friends around it, it?s a referent and even a  symbol in the life of most of us, same as darts.
Now these relationships are seen too in virtual world, user communities, and that?s why we are introducing the net world to our products (darts, soccer, hockey…) and creating new ideas and concepts as our NET STATION, a new product presented at last London ATEI where it had a really great reception from the clients and visitors

What would you recommend your potential customer/buyer to pay attention to when purchasing boxing machine, air hockey and crane machine?

Out of doubt the very first thing is looking the quality of the product, machine?s reliability is very important so the client won?t have to be worried about the technical aspects of the product. Having a well known, recognized and solvent manufacturer behind the machine that provides a guarantee is as important as that, so once it?s bought, thechnical service must be given to our clients.
In other hand the way of playing is also fundamental, greatest players as new ones must have a prize to their matches, they must have challenges to go through and to assume, so they?ll want to pass them. It?s a way of arriving to every public, all kind of people.
What I usually recommend is a promotion labour around this machines, creating championships, tournaments… so incomings will grow and not only this, activity in the local where they are placed will be more and more dynamic with all the benefits it carries with.

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