How to judge quality aspects of an indoor playground

playgroundFirst of all it is hard to know what one really needs?
We know that buying an indoor-play-structure is not an easy thing to do. Especially if it is your first play-structure and hardly experience in this topic exists and one does not know what kids of aspects to consider.
Before your indoor-playground will open one mostly underestimates the challenging everyday usage of your play equipment so that quality aspects are not properly measured.

The truth is that children’s play is taking place in a play-structure probably all the time while you are open. Children are running, jumping, scratching, crawling, etc. so that big stress for the chosen materials is quite sure.

Compare quality aspects
It is important for you to know how you can judge a high quality play-structure and how that differs from others. Up to a certain point the price can be a helpful and easy measurement.. The difference in price can be surprisingly low if you consider that your purchase will have effect on several years.

Maintanance and “Pflege” for a lasting playground life
As well as your car, an playground has to be taken car of and needs permanent maintenance in order to be long lasting. There is no “verschlei?freie” playground especially when it comes to inflatables and electronical parts.
If you rely on our maintenance sheet you and all of your little guests will have enduring fun with your indoor-playground.

Some advice how to help you with your choice
–    Can your manufacturer provide you with security certificates issued by reliable authorities like T?V?
–    Is the play-structure built accordingly international standards like EN 1176/ EN 14960 and is certification on site possible?
–    Is the installation team constantly advised in security manners and well instructed in construction standards?
–    Are proper materials used and are the well fitted?

–    What kind of foam is used? What kind of density?
–    What kind of pole pad cover? What kind of coating?
–    What kind of decks/ floor pads? Multiplex or pressed?
–    What kinds of cable ties are used? What kind of twine?
–    What kind of netting? No-climb or/ and 5cm? Tightened against steel tube or pole pad cover?
–    Are the materials properly installed (finish) so that no “Stolperfallen” or metal is visible?

–    Is the play-structure well fitted into the whole arrangement of the indoor-playground?
–    Is there an evident floor planning or conception visible within the result?
–    Is the result a real play-structure or a foam covered construction help where one level is set one on the other (easy to build)?
–    Are the paths within the structure 3-dimensional, so that a real labyrinth is converted?
–    Is the play-structure big but empty, small and full with activities or both?
–    Are there different activities within the play-structure or are they all the same?
–    Does the colour scheme fit your thoughts and ideas?

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