EAG Expo Exhibitors Demand More Time

EASEAG Expo, 26-28 January 2010 extends opening hours to give exhibitors and visitors more time to do business.
In response to demands from the exhibiting companies EAG Expo announces new opening hours:
Tues 26th January 2010 9.30am 19.00pm
Wed  27th January 2010 9.30am 19.00pm
Thurs 28th January 2010 9.30am 16.00pm
The move has been made simply to give exhibitors and visitors more time to be together and do business and this reflects the ethos of the newly launched BACTA event.  “Quite simply, EAG Expo is here to help the industry and our members do more business” says Martin Burlin of EAG Expo.  “If that means longer opening hours, then that is exactly what will happen.  We have listened to our clients and it is clear that business has changed and so must the event that serves them”.
Justin Burke of Sega responds, “It’s great that the organisers understand our needs and are being so responsive.  EAG Expo is such an important event for us that we have to get absolutely everything that we can from it.  It is our biggest marketing spend of the year and our biggest sales drive so it make sense to spend as much time as we can with our customers on our stand demonstrating our products”.
The new opening hours will also make the most of the Excel Exhibition Centre, EAG Expo’s new venue which boasts up to 4,000 parking spaces onsite and links to more than 35 European cities through London City Airport which is located only 5minutes away from the expo hall.  Dean Harding of the event Advisory Board says “All of us are facing tight budgets this year and that includes limited travel and expense accounts.  Whilst we enjoy the London week and welcome everyone who can stay for the whole week we also recognise that many visitors simply cannot spend that much time away from their business.  It is very likely that we will see an increase in visitors who attend the show for only one or two days and Excel is perfectly suited to them.  With 4,000 parking spaces on site and the longer opening hours, it is possible to drive to EAG Expo from just about anywhere in the UK and get a full day at the show.  Similarly London City Airport has direct flights from more than 35 cities in Europe and is located only 5 minutes away from the expo hall.  It is entirely realistic to fly in for the show opening time, spend the whole day at the show and still get home comfortably that same night”.
John McKenzie welcomes the change “This London show will be one of the most important events of the year for Bandai Namco.  We will be inviting customers, partners, agents and suppliers from all over the world to visit us and these new show times will make sure that we can offer our clients the most convenient arrangements and the maximum amount of time and attention when they are with us.  Customer service is core to our company’s ethos and we will not be involved in anything that cannot guarantee it.  The way that the EAG Expo Organising Team is listening to us and working with us makes me believe that this will be a great event”.

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