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ATRAXlogoAmusement-Events, Parks and Recreations Industry in Turkey continues to grow with new projects. The increased interest on the part of municipalities, hotels, shopping malls, residential complexes, tourism investors, sector-related buyers from the region, theme park and amusement park owners and businesses, helps the industry grow with two digit figures. Turkey is being restructured with new amusement and recreation facilities. As part of this big transition, ATRAX which, as the only specialized exhibition of Turkey and the region, gathers under one roof of the players of the Amusement-Events, parks and recreations sector, helps the sector grow and offers new business opportunities. As an international exhibition, ATRAX will be bringing to its professional visitors from all over the world, the latest innovations, technologies and services via its participant companies at Istanbul Expo Center between 3-5 December 2015.


Municipalities wishing to offer innovative services to meet the amusement and recreation needs of people from all ages living in the city and suburbs, have started to create big amusement and recreation areas that comprise theme parks, sports fields, children’s playgrounds, parks museums, hobby gardens, event and festival areas, and skating rings. This big transition both in big cities and districts continues to trigger the growth of the amusement-events, parks-recreation sector in Turkey.


In Turkey, the hotels have started to offer more diverse amusement options for their visitors to attract more visitors and improve visitor loyalty. The hotels, which constantly upgrade their water parks and water game groups, and animation materials, have now started searching for other entertainment alternatives. With its recently completed hotel, the Rixos Hotel chain has brought to life a big theme park project and made a big leap in terms of diversity of amusement options it offers.

In Turkey where young population increases rapidly, residential complex projects as well are getting wide spread. With the amusement and recreation alternatives they offer, the residential complex projects as well try to differentiate themselves from their competition. Tema World which is still under construction as part of Tema Istanbul residential project, aims to become one of Europe’s most popular amusement parks with its 360.000 m2 area and its concept that depicts Eastern and Western cultures and Istanbul of the past. New theme parks of other new residential complex projects are expected to be commissioned in the coming term.

Thanks to Atrax exhibition, Turkey, which offers a huge potential with all this transition and change, is waiting for its participants and visitors from its region with great opportunities it offers. You as well can join ATRAX as a participant company to tap the great potential offered by this big market.

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